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Pioneers in International Freight Forwarding and Cargo Consolidation" - LEKOW ASSOCIATED SERVICES LTD.

“Lekow Associated Services Ltd.: Pioneers in International Freight Forwarding and Cargo Consolidation”

With a history dating back to 1988, Lekow Associated Services Ltd. has emerged as pioneers in the realm of international freight forwarding. The company’s journey began as Lekow Cargo Services, and its steadfast commitment to excellence propelled it to become a registered Limited Liability Company in 1992, operating under RC Number 200964. Over the years, Lekow Associated Services has grown exponentially, establishing its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, and garnering a stellar reputation as a major player in the freight business.

At the heart of Lekow’s success lies its expertise in cargo consolidation. In today’s globalized world, efficient cargo consolidation plays a crucial role in optimizing shipments, reducing costs, and enhancing efficiency. 

With an extensive network of operational offices and associates in major exporting countries like the UK, America, China, Saudi Arabia, Europe, and India, Lekow Associated Services excels in coordinating and consolidating cargo from diverse origins and destined for multiple destinations.

 The result is an impressive reduction in transit times and significant cost savings for its esteemed clientele.

In this article, we explore Lekow’s journey as a leader in international freight forwarding, delve into the intricacies of cargo consolidation, and shed light on the company’s vast global reach. From innovative shipping solutions to the trust of countless satisfied customers, Lekow Associated Services continues to redefine the landscape of freight forwarding.

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